Our First Week

Well, here goes, our first week has been fun if not quite the relaxing holiday I think that we had planned. Getting used to life on the road whilst living in a confined space, dealing with the high levels of organisation required and learning the intricacies of both the motorhome and the “campsite etiquette” required to get by have meant a steep learning curve. The first week has been like cramming for an exam…..when you wish you had studied harder before the day.

Well the adventure for us started by leaving my mum’s house in Heathfield East Sussex and in the first week we have taken in Bristol, Fishguard, then across to Ireland to Kilkenny, The Glen of Aherlow, Killarney and The ring of Kerry (which is where I write this from).

My highlights of the week were; sausage and mash at Kytelers Inn in Kilkenny, the helpful lady from the petrol station who taught us how to fill our LPG tanks, Lance and Danny who managed to get our hot water working,  watching the semi-final Gaelic football match between Dublin & County Mayo in Mike Murts traditional Irish pub and finding our last campsite of the week called Mannix Point where we have the most amazing spot overlooking the sea. Here we have enjoyed being bathed in glorious sunshine and meeting some lovely seasoned motor-homers who have been kind enough to share with us some of their knowledge.

Ever mindful of the fact that we are on a budget, and being one for a bargain, I found Mannix Point whilst searching for off season deals.  Little did I know what a gem it would be!

I had a slightly embarrassing moment, when over-enthusiastically enquiring about the deal, I was slightly taken back as the friendly man politely refused… Not really understanding why, I tried to find the website that had been promoting the 4 for 3 night offer… only to hear the lady next to me quite clearly giggling…. it turned out I was insisting that we should pay for 4 nights but only stay 3 (not the best bargaining tactic!)… I’m thankful  to Patrick for refusing!

It is also worth noting, that in this our first week away Ellie and I have celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary……..may there be many many more. I feel so lucky to get to go on this year long adventure with such a wonderful person. Let the fun times roll……………………………….



3 thoughts on “Our First Week

  1. Lovely to read about your adventures and seeing the pictures. Ellie looks so amazed driving Heidi lots of love mum xxx

  2. Sounds so much fun, glad your teething problems only amount to some confuddled haggling…too much Guinness the night before Matt? 😉

  3. Great to hear from you!
    What will the year bring if the first week was already so rich!🌟💦🌟
    Lots of love from all of us
    Christian , Fiona , Cornelia

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