Ellie’s Nearly Belated Week Two Diary



After 4 days at Mannix Point, we decided to fly the nest and headed north through County Clare up to Connemara in County Galway.

As pretty as many parts of Ireland are, it was not until we saw The Burren in County Clare and Connemara in County Galway that I was truly blown away.  These incredible landscapes both completely wild in their own way share a rare untouchable beauty that for me is better than any picture postcard style scene.  Both vast, and in many ways quite desolate, these two landscapes are born from ancient rock formations and centuries of wind and rain.

Standing within them, you feel the your existence, insignificant in the wild expanse, fleeting within the enduring terrain but at the same time more a part of nature than ever.

Our first day in Connemara was heralded by a sleepless night due to the deluge of rain, which bounced off Heidi’s roof like a million pin-pong balls.  The next day was much the same, but we were undeterred and in true british spirit (having at a young age witnessed Dad stoically hammering in the windbreak as we attempted to survive a gail force wind on the beach) Matt and I resolutely decided to set out for a walk. An hour later we headed back, head down and soaked to the skin.

Luckily the rain didn’t last and the next day we were able to witness Connemara National Park in all its glory before heading east to County Kildare where we spent some long overdue time with Mai, Gra & Neal (our Kidson contingent in Newbridge).

After nearly two weeks on the road (with baked beans playing a very large role), Matt & I were throughly spoilt with curry, roast lamb and freshly caught sea-bream, not to mention some very nice wine and beer.

It was great to spend time with and to catch up with Mai and Gra and Neal who we hadn’t seen since Rachel (my beloved cousin)’s wedding.  Over the two and a half days we were with them we got to hear all about Mai and Gra’s experiences in America, see Neal’s imminent new house (very exciting!!) and take a slightly wet, but very scenic trip to Glenda Lough in the Wicklow Mountains.  All in all a fantastic time!


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