Back To Blogging

…Just a little post about our rather noticeable 4 month hiatus from blogging and huge apologies to all our friends and family who have been patiently awaiting our next exciting instalment.  Nope we have not been eaten by bears, nor waylaid by marauding seagulls, nor disappeared into the wilds of the Sierra Nevada.

What started as minor procrastination (a little lackadaisicalness during our stay in Loulé over Christmas) then ballooned exponentially due to an unexpected strike and subsequent resignation by our irksome inverter (the gadget that allows us to charge all devices from Heidi’s solar panels).  Not only did this temperamental little gadget resign, it also managed to sabotage one of our leisure batteries on its way out (but that is another story).

A few weeks ago after much searching we finally managed to replace the electronic critter, and dutifully started to try and catch up on about 20 weeks of blog (a challenge that has so far defeated Matt… but I, stubborn in the face of such a challenge, am doggedly determined to succeed).

I am however realistic enough to realise that something has to give, so I have decided to resume our story with Week 16 which marks our arrival in Loulé with at Quinta Do Cerro (home of Nick, Chez, Jacqui and Art where Matt spent 10 weeks working and where we spent our first ever Christmas away from home) and then jump to Week 26, when we hit the road again.  I am hoping that once I have caught up properly I will be able to go back and fill in our Christmas adventures… fingers crossed!

Anyway… enough of the explanations… back to blogging!!

Hope you enjoy

Ellie xxx


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