Week 27 Postcard

The Big 40 in Deltebre & Brilliant Barcelona..

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 15.19.31


3 thoughts on “Week 27 Postcard

  1. Happy Birthday. Where are you tonight? Have been following your blogs and we are on a campsite in Sitges having also been into Barcelona on the bus. All lovely.

    1. Hi Lynne, thanks for your birthday wishes and for following our blog. I am glad you are enjoying Sitges and Barcelona, we loved them too!!
      We are currently in Croatia which is amazing!! Unfortunately because we had a couple of months with no inverter to charge our gismos we are about 10 weeks behind on our blog! i really hope I can catch up soon!
      How long are you staying in Sitges for?
      Best wishes

  2. Hi Ellie, I didn’t look at the dates, but am impressed that you are now in Croatia. We stayed in Sitges till yesterday, then another night further up the coast and are now back in the Lot Valley, where we are spending a few more weeks. We have retired and are based in the Lot for a few months, taking short trips. We’d been to Barcelona before and it was so easy to revisit by bus.
    I’ll catch up on your travels now …. keep enjoying, it’s infectious.

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