Matt week 12

Matt week 12 “See The Guggenheim” After a somewhat lazy start to the day we gathered together our clothes, towels and bed linen into our large rucksack and headed off in search of the launderette. It was only five minutes away and thankfully had nice new modern machines that could do all 20kg of our … More Matt week 12

Matt week 11

Matt week 11 “Back Of The Trucks” This week started with us still with Nick and Chez near Duras which is about 75Km’s away from Bordeaux. We had packed up the house and were now waiting for the removal men to arrive. We received a call from them about 9.30 saying they were just dropping … More Matt week 11

When will we go!

Matt’s Week 6 “When will we go”….well there is good news and there is bad news…..The good certainly outstripping the bad. Having landed at my aunt and uncles house on Friday the following week was a bit of a waiting game. After the mechanics who didn’t have a big enough ramp to fit Heidi on … More When will we go!